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Plastic Bottle Material Code System

Material Codes

The following symbols can be found on the bottom of most plastic bottles and containers. The symbols represent the particular type of plastic or resin used to make the bottle or container. The system allows for easy identification of plastics for the purpose of recycling and purchasing.

Technical Specifications and Plastic Bottle Material Code System

Descriptions of Plastic Resins

Polyethylene Terephthalate This type of plastic is used for strength, impact resistance, clarity and barrier resistance to things such as moisture, oxygen and many chemicals. PETE is typically produced in clear, but can also be done in colors such as green and amber.
High Density Polyethylene The natural state of HDPE is a cloudy, slightly translucent color. It has good chemical resistance, does not absorb moisture and provides a good water vapor barrier. HDPE is one of the most popular plastics for molding bottles and containers.
Polyvinyl Chloride Typically clear in appearance when used for containers, PVC has outstanding resistance to water, alcohols, concentrated acids and alkalines. PVC can be produced to yield superior flexibility.
Low Density Polyethylene Translucent in color with a tough, waxy texture, LDPE is a very flexible plastic with good barrier properties.
Polypropylene It is best known for flexibility and versatility. It can be molded into many applications, the most popular use in packaging is for closures. PP is very tough and has good chemical resistance. Although normally translucent in appearance, PP can be made a variety of colors.
Polystyrene A very clear, rigid plastic. PS has good chemical resistance, but no moisture or oxygen barrier properties. PS tends to be brittle, so cracks and breaks easily.
Other Can be any combination of plastics. Usually one of the above plastics mixed with an additive or barrier plastic to enhance the properties of the final container.

Conversion Tables


Weight Liquid Capacity U.S. Liquid Capacity Volume Length
1 oz. = 28.35 gr 1 fl. oz. = 29.57 ml 1 cup = 8 oz. 1 oz. = 29.57 cc 1 inch = 25mm
8 oz. = 227 gr 8 fl. oz. = 236.6 ml 1 pint = 16 oz. 8 oz. = 236.60 cc 1 foot = 30 cm
16 oz. = 454 gr 16 fl. oz. = 473.2 ml 1 quart = 32 oz. 16 oz. = 473.2 cc 1 meter = 3.3 feet
32 oz. = 908 gr 32 fl. oz. = 946.4 ml 1/2 gallon = 64 oz. 32 oz. = 946.40 cc
1 U.S. gallon = 3785ml 1 oz. = 8 dr


Symbol When You Know Multiply By To Find Symbol
DR drams 0.125 ounces oz.
cc cubic centimeters 0.034 ounces oz.
ml milliliters 0.034 ounces oz.
l liters 2.100 pints pt.
gr grams 0.035 ounces oz.
kg kilograms 2.200 pounds lbs.
mm millimeters 0.039 inches in.


Symbol When You Know Multiply By To Find Symbol
oz. ounces 8.00 drams DR
oz. ounces 29.57 cubic centimeters cc
oz. ounces 29.57 milliliters ml
pt. pints 0.47 liters l
oz. ounces 28.35 grams gr
lbs. pounds 0.45 kilograms kg
in. inches 25.40 millimeters mm

Neck Finish Information

S.P.I. Specifications

Neck Finish
  • "T" Dimension - The outside diameter of the thread.
  • "E" Dimension - The outside diameter of the neck finish.
  • "I" Dimension - The inner diameter of the bottle neck.
  • "H" Dimension - The height of the neck finish.
  • "S" Dimension - Measured from the top of the finish to the top edge of the first thread.

Finish Types

Finish Types

Liner Specifications

Standard Liners

Abbreviation Name Descriptions
PW Pulp Waxed Pulpboard with .001 to .002 wax coating on one side.
PS Pressure Sensitive A polystyrene foam with a pressure sensitive coating.
P/SF Pulp and Saran Film 75-gauge Saran film laminated to white paper and bonded to pulpboard.
P/PE Pulp and Polyethylene Coated Paper .0015 polyethylene coated white paper laminated to pulpboard.
P/VAF Pulp and Vinyl Coated Aluminum Foil White pigmented vinyl coating on .00035 aluminum foil laminated to pulpboard.
F-217** F-217 (Foam) Coextrusion of low-density polyethylene/foamed polyethylene/low-density polyethylene.
P/RVTLF Pulp and Polyvinyl Lubricant Film Vinyl coating applied to high-density polyethylene coated white paper laminated to pulpboard, with LF over vinyl.
Heat Seal or Foil Seal Coated polyester film bonded to aluminum foil, wax bonded to 0.025" white lined pulp board.
P/SAF Pulp, Saran and Aluminum Foil White pigmented Saran coating applied to .00035 aluminum foil with white paper backing, laminated to pulpboard.
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